video, b/w, 16:9, stereo & 5.1, English spoken, BE, 2017, 13’

A light phenomenon travels over a landscape. We look into what lies in the shadow of our own lights, like looking up at the screen that lights up in the dark.
“It” is an audiovisual investigation into a reality that temporarily changes, in a search, a quest for something to light up in the dark.

A collaboration with Tom Callemin.

Sound Kwinten Van Laethem
Soundmix Rémi Gérard, Empire Digital
Animation Thomas De Brabanter
Camera Assistant Pol Herrmann
Produced by Auguste Orts
Executive Producer Marie Logie, Ann Goossens
Production Assistant Jana Coorevits
With the support of Flemish Audiovisual Fund, School of Arts Ghent, Herculeslab